Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween in Fairborn

So, the renaissance festival is over and we're almost to Halloween. Fairborn, where I live, is a great place for that. There is a costume shop called Foys that is open year-round; but in October they open half a dozen seasonal storefronts. They set up a bunch of prop shop monsters around, attached to, and on top of the buildings... and animatronic displays on three nearby properties. It brings in a lot of sightseers, that's for sure. In one yard are a dozen aliens and two crashed spaceships. Another has THREE pirate ships and a dozen pirates. They broadcast A Pirate's Life For Me. One of the pirates opens and closes shutters, and one of the ships lets off smoke from its cannon. Across the street a bunch more awesome props are gathered in one tiny yard. There's an ornate old hearse that does nothing, but I imagine the coffin inside used to open and close itself. There's a headless horseman on horseback. Every so often the horse will rear up and neigh wildly, while the rider brandishes his sword (and his severed head) in complicated maneuvers for about half a minute. There's also a huge monstrous beast, maybe an ogre of some sort. He has a spear in one hand and a skeleton dangling from the other. When he moves, he draws himself up to 10-12' in height, growls, brandishes his spear, and shakes the heck out of that poor skeleton. It's an awesome display. Um, and down the road from me is a less professional but very amusing yard with a bit of everything. Aside from the standard scarecrows and ghost christmas light cutouts there's a 8' long sea serpent  with orange&pink lights, and a large purple spider that crouches on top of a skeleton rising up out of the ground.

Any interesting Halloween sights in your town?